...is a botanically blended, keratin infused, weightless volumizer that will thicken and plump each individual hair strand to create maximum volume and body without firmness and is exceptionally beneficial for thin, fine, lifeless hair. This lightweight, non-sticky, grease-free formula has a light flexible memory hold that will also add moisture. It repels and reduces humidity, reduces frizz, tames flyaways and adds brilliant shine to dull, lifeless hair. This plumper can be sprayed at the roots to create intense volume or spread throughout the hair to create maximum volume with the ultimate body and fullness. Safe on all hair types and is a great foundation for all styling effects.


  • • Thickens & plumps each individual hair strand

    • Creates volume without firmness

    • Infuses keratin enhancing strength

    • Weightless

    • Imparts maximum volume & ultimate fullness without firmness

    • Light, flexible memory hold

    • Repels humidity/humidity resistant

    • Adds moisture & shine

    • Non-sticky/non-greasy formula

    • Available in 2oz & 8.5oz

  • For plumping smooth hair: Apply THICKENING VOLUMIZER to wet hair.  Spray at roots for maximum volume and/or spray throughout body for the ultimate fullness. 

    For plumping curly hair: Apply THICKENING VOLUMIZER to wet hair and  scrunch hair or diffuse with a blow-dryer.