... is a botanically blended, keratin infused, non-flaking versatile styling balm that will create a smooth, frizz free blowout or when air dried, will create defined frizz free curls without crunch. This extraordinary balm provides a delightful fragrance and will hydrate, eliminate frizz, calm unruly strands, protect from thermal abuse, speed up blow dry time, prevent flyaways, improving manageability for long-lasting smoothness while adding magnificent shine. It restores depleted keratin into hair fibers repairing damage, increasing tensile strength and elasticity and protects hair from future damage overall improving the texture and quality of hair.


  • • Creates a smooth, frizz-free blowout or defines frizz free curls without crunch

    • Infuses high quality keratin & nourishing proteins into hair fibers

    • Restores depleted keratin into hair fibers, repairing damage

    • A hydrating, non-flaking versatile styling balm

    • Can be used as a one-shampoo keratin treatment

    • Increases strength and elasticity, protecting hair from future damage

    • Protects hair from thermal damage & reduces drying time

    • Available in 2oz & 8.5oz

  • Apply VERSATILE STYLING LOTION to wet hair.

    For Smooth Results: Style using a blow dryer. Finish with a flat iron to achieve straightened results. (VERSATILE STYLING LOTION will produce a smoothing affect when heat is applied.)

    For Curl Definition: Air dry or scrunch to achieve a soft “no crunch” curl.