...is a keratin infused, lightweight, non-flaking hair spray with a flexible hold for damp or dry hair styling.  Humidity Shield Hair Spray is unique to other hair sprays. Conventional hair spray fibers are either long and straight or short and straight. When long straight fibers are overlapped in a mesh pattern they create a strong hold and when short straight fibers are overlapped in a mesh pattern they create a light hold. Our Hair Spray uniquely formulated in that the fibers are OVAL shaped and small which leave little room in between them, blocking humidity out of the hair. This technology allows for a light hold when sprayed sparingly or a more firm hold when sprayed more heavily.


  • • New technology with rounded fiber that promotes a moisture barrier

    • Oval fibers allow for light reflecting technology

    • Resists humidity, repels moisture

    • Non-flaking

    • Defends against humidity & intensifies shine

    • Light to firm hold, non-flaking formula

    • Working to finishing spray options

    • Aerosol 

    • Available in 10oz

  • Finish with HUMIDITY SHIELD HAIR SPRAY.   For a light hold: Hold approximately twelve inches from the head and spray  a light mist over the hair. For a firm hold: Hold approximately six inches from the head and spray a sufficient mist over the hair for more support.