...is a botanically blended keratin infused sodium chloride free deep penetrating conditioner especially beneficial for fine, thin, lifeless and color treated hair by adding weightless hydration. Its unique formula builds smooth body with nourishing proteins that attach deeply to damaged hair resulting in a silky, lustrous texture. It restores depleted keratin into hair fibers, strengthening elasticity. This new smooth hair is easier to comb reducing future damage. This unusual velvety balm dramatically hydrates thirsty locks, smoothes damaged hair and improves overall structure leaving a uniquely light, soft feel to the hair. Consistent use will result in an overall improvement of the texture and quality of hair. Safe on all hair types. 


  • • Adds weightless hydration to thirsty, dry hair

    • Infuses keratin, repairs & strengthens elasticity

    • Seals hair cuticles, reduces frizz, & tames fly-aways

    • Detangles & heals split ends

    • Builds body & improves overall manageability

    • Enhances vibrancy & restores a soft, silky texture

    • Especially beneficial for fine, thin, lifeless & color-treated hair

    • Sodium chloride free & color safe

    • Available in 2oz, 8.5oz & 33.8oz

  • After shampooing, apply  DEEP CONDIITONER to thoroughly wet hair. Massage gently into hair and scalp. Rinse well with warm water. For very damaged, fine, limp hair, this product may be left on longer. Heat may be added for up to fifteen minutes for additional benefits.